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Referee Tips

Referee Tips

Referee Tips

Starting the game

  • Arrive at games 30 minutes in advance. As the ref, you are responsible for keeping the field on time!
  • Check the teams in, this can occur while teams are warming up or before they take the field if the field is running late:
  • Coaches should provide completed game cards.
  • Check player cards against players, if a player does not have a player card, they cannot play. If the coach does not have the teams player cards, the team must forfeit.
  • All players must have shin guards and shin guards must be covered by socks.
  • Check cleats to ensure they are soccer cleats, not baseball (no toe cleat). NO METAL CLEATS ALLOWED. Okay to play without cleats.
  • Make sure you start the games on time. If a team must cut their warm-up short, tell the coaches how long they have. If games are running late, reduce halftime to 2-3 minutes.
  • Explain to coaches that we need to stay on time.

Control & Respect

  • Maintain control of the field. If coaches think they can get away with something they will probably try so maintain control at all times.
  • Show all coaches, players and fans respect. No matter how anyone on the field acts, the referees must maintain composure and act in a respectful manner. Bad behavior by anyone on the field will be dealt with by the league through the PAD committees. The league will always support our referees, but our referees must always act in a respectful manner.
  • Review the Sideline Behavior Policy and use it during the games to control everyone on the field. They should all be aware of the policy and the expected behavior during a game.
  • If you have any problems during a game, email me after the game to let me know.

Game Cards and Payment

  • Only games for which I receive game cards will be paid. Be sure to have all refs on the field sign the cards (legibly) and be sure to turn the card in. I will leave a box for game cards on my porch and one at Horsecreek.
  • Paychecks come out monthly. Watch for emails announcing when and where they can be picked-up. Eventually if I don’t find you I will mail them to the address you have provided.


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