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2018 Constitution and ByLaws proposed amendments

You can find copy of proposed amendments to VYSL Constitution and By Laws under VYSL Recreation tab, under Constitution and By Laws.  These will be voted on at the Nov. 28th AGM.


2018 Fall Game Schedule can be viewed at the link below:

Welcome to the Vacaville Youth Soccer League (VYSL) website. We are an organization committed to providing both recreational and competitive soccer environments, which will allow our student athletes to achieve their highest goals, driven by perseverance, integrity and character.

Additional Information:

  • We are a recreational league so no try out is required.  
  • Our season begins at the end of August with Opening Day. Games begin in September after Labor Day.  
  • There are 10 games.  Games run through the beginning of November.  Games are primarily played on Saturdays but an occasional weeknight game may occur.
  • Practices are scheduled by each individual coach.  Coaches pick location, days and times that fit their schedule.

VYSL Coaches and Families

​​THE BOWNET GOAL TAKES 2 People to set up ​

Please remember that the 1st game of the day the HOME team will pick up the goals from the designated house and BOTH teams (Parents included) are responsible for setting up the goals and flags.

Last game of the day BOTH teams (Parents included) are responsible for taking down the goals and the HOME team will return the goals and flags to the designated house

The goals are a little over 5 feet long when taken down. Please plan according when picking them up. ​

New goals set up

New goals take down

Park Goals and Flags pick up
331 Stonecastle Way, 95687

Cooper School Park
Park Goals and Flags pick up
396 Temple Drive, 95687

Meadowlands Park
Park Goals and Flags pick up
166 Kearney Way, 95687

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