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2015 Tryouts

VUSC Tryouts held at Horse Creek Soccer Complex on Browns Valley Parkway in Vacaville

2015 Tryout Schedule for U9-U19!!!


If you are interested in a possible spot on any of these teams contact DOC Drew Talton at

VUSC will NOT have teams in their U17-U19 BOYS only age groups for the 2015-2016.  If you have any questions please contact DOC Drew Talton at


May 17th, SUNDAY

4:00-6:00pm U15-U19 BOYS AND GIRLS!!! NO U17-U19 Boys

May 18th, MONDAY

6:00-7:30pm  U15-U16 BOYS AND GIRLS!!!

7:30-9:00pm  U17-U19 GIRLS ONLY!!!

May 19th, TUESDAY

6:00-7:30pm  U15-U16 BOYS AND GIRLS!!!

7:30-9:00pm  U17-U19  GIRLS ONLY!!!

May 21st, THURSDAY

6:00-7:30pm  U15-U16 BOYS AND GIRLS!!!

7:30-9:00pm  U17-U19  GIRLS ONLY!!!







Come Prepared..

Please come prepared to play!

  • White T-shirts (Please NO Uniforms)
  • Shorts or sweats
  • Soccer Cleats (highly recommended)
  • Shin Guards (Required)
  • Plenty of Rest the night before
  • Plenty of Water - Stay hydrated
  • Come with energy - don't come hungry
  • Goalie gloves (if applicable)

Age Matrix


Age Matrix
U9  8/1/06 -7/31/07
U10  8/1/05 -7/31/06
U11  8/1/04 -7/31/05
U12  8/1/03 - 7/31/04
U13 8/1/02 - 7/31/03
U14  8/1/01 -7/31/02
U15  8/1/00 -7/31/01
U16  8/1/99 -7/31/00
U17 8/1/98 -7/31/99
U18  8/1/97 -7/31/98
U19 8/1/96 -7/31/97

Vacaville United Soccer Club (VUSC)

Tryout Procedures 2015

 VUSC understands that each player will attend tryouts with the intent to compete at the highest level possible. Their desire and ability to make the first team in their respective age group will be evaluated during the tryout process. Below is a list of Player and Parent expectations:
  • All players are strongly encouraged to attend all scheduled tryout dates for their age group.
  • Players must tryout for their actual age group.
  • Age group brackets (Age Matrix) are posted on the website and displayed at the registration desk.
  • Players and their parents recognize the commitment demanded by club teams, and that players and parents are willing to invest the necessary time and travel in order to be successful.
  • These are essentially one-year commitments, and players are expected to honor the requirements of playing for a particular team until the following year’s tryouts. To remain with the team from one year to the next, players must successfully participate in tryouts each year.
  • Players should recognize that each tryout is a new opportunity to make the appropriate team, and the club is committed to making every effort to determine the correct place for each player. Renewed opportunity carries a renewed commitment to honor the requirements for playing on any particular team. To this extent tryouts should not be entered into lightly. Players should come to tryouts having thoroughly examined how such a commitment will affect their lives in the coming year.
  • Players refrain from wearing team affiliated clothing during tryouts. White T-shirts, soccer shorts, cleats and shin guards are appropriate tryout attire. Shin guards are required. BRING A SOCCER BALL!!!
  • Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the tryout time for the specific age group.
  • Parents/spectators will be in a pre-defined area. Coffee, water, and snacks will be provided for spectators.
VUSC will conduct tryouts for specific age groups starting in Jan 2015. Tryout dates will consist of one weekday session and two weekend sessions.  Schedule at left.
  • Tryouts will be conducted over three 90 minute sessions for each age group
  • Tryouts are Free of charge. A registration desk will be provided.  Insurance Waiver’s are must be signed by a legal guardian.
  • Two fields will be designated for tryouts. Only Players, Registered Coaches, Coach’s Assistants, and officials will be on and/or around the playing field.
  • Tryouts will be run by a predetermined non-participating coach
  • A 90-minute predetermined tryout will be developed by the coaches within the age group and approved by VUSC BOD prior to tryouts. The tryout will be valid for all three sessions.
  • Players will be separated by Age (age-pure) for evaluation purposes.
  • Coaches and Assistants will assess players throughout the tryouts. No collaboration between Coaches/Assistants and players should be made. Only instructions on “what to do” or “where to go” will be tolerated.
  • All players will run through a speed test.
Players will be selected according to VUSC by-laws:
  • The Coaching selection order is predetermined prior to tryouts.
  • Players will be evaluated by Registered Coaches and Assistants, and approved independent evaluators. Players will be divided throughout the tryouts into groups based on ability.
  • During the tryouts, the evaluators will assess how many teams, what level, and which players will make the best teams for the club.
  • The coach designated as First pick will be allowed to offer a player during tryouts.
  • Once the player has accepted the offer and wants to commit, he/she will not need to come to other tryouts.
  • Coaches designated as Second, third, etc… must wait until after tryouts are completed and a written notice is given by the VUSC DOC (Director of Coaching).
  • Once tryouts are complete and the selection process begins, a master list (the list) will be compiled of all “available” players by the VUSC DOC. The Team list will be compiled in cooperation with the evaluators. The first team list will be given to the coach with first pick and players will be called. Players must be confirmed within 72 hours.
  • Once the coach is finished, the list will be turned over to the VUSC DOC and then forwarded to the next coach for selection. The list will only include “available” players.
  • Once all the coaches have their teams selected, teams will be posted on the VUSC website by tryout number and name.
  • Teams and selections will be complete approximately 2 weeks after the last tryout.  If you are not contacted within this timeframe, please register for our Recreational division beginning in March 2015. (Click Here)
Special Player Selection for U9 through U19
Players will not be able to select their coach; rather Coaches and Evaluators will determine the teams. After tryouts, Players will be asked to play for team that has selected them. If denied, player will opt to play for the Recreation (Div 4) league. If a player denies playing for a team, parents and player may appeal to the VUSC BOD for approval. Approvals will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
See bylaws for current rules and regulations.
Unless there is lightning or the fields are waterlogged the try outs will run.  If try outs are called due to weather we will reschedule and all the information will be distributed to parents through the website.
Vacaville United Soccer Club is looking forward to another successful soccer year. Our teams compete at the highest level possible and play in many of the regional tournaments. VUSC would like to encourage all soccer players to challenge their skills and tryout for one of our competitive teams. Everyone is welcome to tryout, and tryouts are free.
See you on the Pitch!