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    September is US Youth Soccer Month

    09/01/2015, 4:00pm PDT
    By Franco Dalao

    Celebrate Youth Soccer in Vacaville!

    VYSL is excited to announce September is US Youth Soccer Month in America! This month in practices, games and in the street soccer that plays out in our neighborhoods, celebrate the most participated youth sport in Vacaville, America and the world. We at VYSL are proud go be called soccer freaks and are committed go providing the best soccer experience for the youth of Vacaville.

    Let's be honest here and tell you that youth soccer in Vacaville is under attack. The City of Vacaville is attempting to take Vacaville's youth soccer complex and use it for other sports uses, so the City can make more money. VYSL is a 501.3 C non-profit organization and 100 percent of the funds generated through league activities goes back to the youth. Everyone on staff is a volunteer. Surrounding cities such as Fairfield, Davis, Sacramento, and Elk Grove to name a few, have recognized the impact of youth soccer, both economically and as a way for kids to be involved and off the street. In recognizing these aspects, these surrounding cities have dedicated millions of dollars towards building and enhancing soccer only complexes. Just as an example, over the weekends of August 8-9 and 15-16, 85 teams from throughout Northern California and Nevada, came to Vacaville for our annual Vacaville Shootout Tournament. This brought in an estimated 2,500-3,500 players, coaches, family members and spectators to shop, dine and stay at local hotels and motels. This is just one soccer tournament! If other cities can acknowledge the positive impacts of soccer, why can't ours. If the City of Vacaville wants economic revenues, then maybe they should invest in the most participated sport in Vacaville year round, Soccer.

    Know this.  The home to VYSL, the Horsecreek Soccer Complex at Centennial Park was built almost entirely from volunteer funds. The City of Vacaville did provide approximately $300,000 originally for lighting but everything including fields and all equipment and facility enhancements were funded entirely by VYSL. VYSL even pays for our own utilities (water, PG&E and field maintenance. Yes,you heard correct! This has saved the City millions since year 2000. 

    Please support VYSL in growing soccer in Vacaville! If you are interested in knowing more about VYSL and how we help the City of Vacaville in providing a top notch soccer experience and at an affordable price, please email any board member or come out to a board meeting!

    LIt's all come togetherand celebrate youth soccer and VYSL!