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About Vacaville Youth Soccer League

Contact Information

P.O. Box 73
Vacaville, CA 95696

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Vacaville Youth Soccer League, Inc. (VYSL) is to provide an organized program of soccer, both recreational and competitive, for the youth of Vacaville and the surrounding areas, by teaching the laws and techniques of the game in a comprehensive and player-oriented manner. Children playing soccer is the most important goal of this league.

Fulfillment of these goals is brought about by setting an atmosphere of friendly competition in which learning and playing soccer are held foremost; anything that distracts from this atmosphere is to be strongly discouraged. Our bylaws are not meant to provide technical points that will allow adult participants to win games; this type of conduct is not condoned nor permitted.

The by-laws are instruments in which benevolent and cooperative adults can build and maintain a sporting environment in which children may play the game of soccer. The concepts of a supportive, player-oriented environment are taken from the first page of the League’s bylaws written in 1979 and which remain the essence of the Vacaville Youth Soccer League today.

From the beginnings of the current VYSL in 1975, soccer enthusiasts originally came together to form a casual program for their children to play soccer. The league grew to a point where the necessity to affiliate with a larger program to facilitate the needs of the players lead to VYSL joining California Youth Soccer Association – North and incorporating as a 501-C3 non-profit corporation in 1979.

Through the years, VYSL has maintained the original concepts that brought about its formation and intends to continue these obligations in the future.