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About Vacaville Youth Soccer League

About the Vacaville Youth Soccer League


The Vacaville Youth Soccer League (VYSL) was incorporated in 1975 when soccer enthusiasts came together to form a casual program for their children to play soccer. Over time our league continued to grow to a point where the necessity to affiliate with a larger program to facilitate the needs of the players led to VYSL joining the California Youth Soccer Association – North and incorporating as a 501-C3 non-profit corporation in 1979. As our league experienced continued growth, it became apparent there was a need for a competitive program, where players who sought a higher level of play could develop and improve their skills, as well as compete at the highest level possible. In 1990, The Vacaville United Soccer Club (VUSC) was born, and has been committed to teaching an exceptional higher level of play. Today, our organization has grown to almost 2,000 registered youth soccer players and approximately 175 teams annually. VYSL’s and VUSC’s territory of play encompasses The City of Vacaville and our surrounding areas.

Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors. Our programs consist of 1 recreational seasonal program and a competitive year round program. Our recreational program has over 1,500 players and approximately 150 teams that compete in recreational play. The recreational program is designed for players ages U6-U19. We also offer a competitive year round program through VUSC for competitive players ages U9-U19. Our competitive program consists of approximately 25 teams and receives training from a staff of highly experienced coaches. Additionally, our organization organizes annual clinics, training programs and our annual competitive tournament, the popular “Vacaville Shootout,” which brings soccer teams, their families, coaches, officials, and spectators from around the region and beyond to Vacaville. This not only supports our organization, but the many local businesses that have been and continue to be a huge support of VYSL and VUSC.

Fundamental soccer skills and understanding are the foundations for our younger age groups and this is built upon with advanced training throughout the older age groups. While this organization is dedicated to providing each player with the best training possible, we firmly believe in strong character development because we are not just training children and teens to play soccer. We are also training them to learn respect, hard work and perseverance. Our motto of play hard, play fair and respect the game is rooted with an emphasis on sportsmanship, as well as appreciation for opponents, officials, and parents. This will teach our players to rise above life’s adversities on and off the field and provide them with a roadmap towards success.

We are excited to announce that this year is VYSL’s 40th anniversary and VUSC’s 25th anniversary in providing a fun and competitive environment which allows players to achieve their highest goals, driven by perseverance, integrity and character. Through the years, VYSL has maintained the original concepts, core values and principles that brought about its formation. Through our programs, our organization intends to continue these commitments, as well as enhance our programs in the future.