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Since this is only the second year that Live Scan Fingerprint/Background checks are mandatory, we are still having a few glitches in the system.  Most all coaches are approved through CalNorth/CYSA.  Most teams have also been approved through our District and I have then gone ahead and printed out Goldenrod Rosters and Player/Coach passes for those teams.
Some Coaches and Assistant Coaches have not yet has the Live Scan procedure completed yet or have not been approved through our District yet.  I, the League Registrar, cannot approve these teams until they are approved through our State and District Registrars.  I cannot print out any pertinent team paperwork until all steps have been finalized.  The Cal North/CYSA system won't allow me to do this.
The Vacaville Youth Soccer League begins their Fall games this Saturday, September 6th.  In order for these games to proceed, our League will allow any coach/team that is not yet approved and does not have its Goldenrod Roster or Player cards a grace period of two weeks to get their Live Scan completed.    All coaches must have their Live Scan completed and approved by our third game.  That means that all paperwork will need to be in the hands of the coach at game time.   If it is not, the coach/team will not  be allowed to play.
Those coaches that are still working on completing their Live Scans must bring their Medical Release forms and their most current Roster that was handed out on Opening Day.  If you have not received this, it is in a box on my porch.  Please pick it up at any time.  109 American Way.
Referee's will be using the medical release forms and team Lists/rosters to check in players if their is no GoldenRod Roster or Player Passes.
If you have any questions regarding the Live Scan Fingerprint/Background Check process, please let me know.  If you have any other questions regarding your rosters or team paperwork, please let me know.  Thank you for coaching.
Salina Soto
VYSL Registrar

Isaac Santos

VYSL Boys Coach Coordinator

Rich Weida

VYSL Girls Coach Coordinator


To register for an upcoming coaches course email either Isaac Santos or

Rich Weida.

Complete, print and sign 2 copies and mail them to:

VYSL, PO Box 73,
Vacaville, CA 95696


Once you have been Live Scan Fingerprinted, it usually takes a week for the results to be approved with CYSA/CalNorth.  Once approved through them, they send the approval to us and then I can approve your team and print out the GoldenRod Roster and Player/Coach Passes.  The System in place will not allow me to print anything 'Official' for the team until this process is complete.

Thank You,

Salina Soto

VYSL Registrar

Regarding Golden rod Roster and Player/Coach Passes:

I suggest that you acquire a small ringed binder for your team.  Place medical release forms inside this binder along with your goldenrod roster.  This should be brought with you to practices and games. 

Player /Coach passes will need to have a 1x1 picture of each player/coach affixed to each appropriate pass.  Then fold each pass in half and laminate the passes to protect them from the elements. 

I also suggest punching a hole in each pass and putting them on a ring and then a lanyard.  These will need to be brought to each game.  The referee of the game uses them to check in the team before each game.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Salina Soto
VYSL Registrar

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